An Intro 09/01/17

I am Chantal Danyluk and I am a double major in Computer Science and Art at Hendrix College. Upon entering Hendrix College and taking my first Computer Science class, I was foremost surprised at how much I enjoyed how computer science was taught; as a problem to be solved and not a rigid process to be memorized. Despite the differences perceived in them, I find both my majors employ a use of creative problem solving that I enjoy. The fluid processes of laying the framework, building, debugging and correcting, as well as repetition is something I find they both have in common. Therefore, I have always been interested in the creative process of writing and building programs, and enjoy technical classes to further develop my skills in that area.

This project is a way for me to bridge my two primary interests. From the moment an art instructor said “art is just a series of decisions the artist makes” I knew that programming and painting were not that different. Taking this a step further, I am highly interested in exploring the ability to create a program that visualizes algorithms to intelligently make art. I want to delve into computer science and math not to understand something already explored, but rather to explore my own interests in a new and original way. In the process, I hope to share this same approach to computer science with others.

I hope by executing this project I can show that computer science is not just programming languages, but rather can be used by students as a tool. By creating a visual way of seeing math and inviting feedback into our study is a way of doing just that. The end result of this project is to try and promote excitement about Computer Science in the Hendrix community and beyond.

Lets get this project started,

Chantal Danyluk