Research Paper Organization – 04/03/2018


  • Two mathematical concepts explored
    • Cellular Automata
      • Modified cellular automata where you can see the previous generations
      • Initial randomization from the buttons pressed
        • Randomization where it will pick between certain numbers: range
    • L-Systems
  • Heuristic we developed originally
    • How the analysis was done
      • Blobs and how they were analyzed : k-means, shape identification, size identification
      • Colors and how they were sorted: k-means
    • Cellular automata heuristic
    • L-System heuristic
  • Survey we did
    • How it was designed, what were the goals
    • Feedback recieved
      • Number of participants
      • Any bias in the survey
        • CS/Math majors, bias in calling it art/who developed it.
      • What the results were
        • How we interpreted these results for our hypothesis
  • Heuristic revisions
    • New cellular automata heuristic
    • New l-system heuristic
  • Genetic algorithm
    • Things on the brochure
      • original seeds
      • mutation
      • crossover
      • selection from top ten
      • generations run
  • Results of this algorithm: did this make images that you expected? How would you further refine it?
    • Discuss the conclusions later



Paragraph for Odyssey Completion

Lay this out into google documents

Start at beginning, do first two large bullet points

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