Exhibit Display 03/31/2018

Working through Spring Break to get posters done and brochure’s written, we were able to get the display up Monday afternoon.

Here are some pictures from the event:

Me standing next to the poster explaining why these images were picked by the program to be on display. On the table, you can see brochure print-outs explaining how each image was generated.
brochure image
This was printed as the cellular automata side of the brochure.


Eight images in total were displayed and have their respected score listed on the bottom. They were displayed in order from highest to lowest score, and hung at approximately the same height.

From here, where do we go, is the project finished?

The answer is yes, and no. Finalized details need be done still, including submitting final paperwork to our college for the event, as well as writing our findings in a research paper.

On Monday, me and my teammate will meet to fill out our paperwork, and ask questions pertaining to writing the research paper. We will set new goals and organize our way of thinking about approaching the written aspect.

A new blob post will be just around the corner explaining that.


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