Presentation Preparation 03/12/2018

The Plan

Our original plan was to print the posters on campus, which would be significantly cheaper than printing at a store, and allow us to obtain the prints instantly. However, that no longer appears to be an option. To buy us more time to work on our project, we will now be using Which is incredibly cheap, but has a high shipping cost. All in all, this will fit in our budget.

We will individually be ordering 8 posters, 19×27 inches each, and hand-cutting +pasting them to foam board. (Wood glue works best for pasting, but is unforgiving. For a more forgiving but equally strong hold, try rubber cement.)

*Order your prints untrimmed! It saves money and we will be cutting off the white space anyway.

Below is an example of ordering one poster with three day shipping.

the price

Keep in mind shipping time, I suggest ordering three day shipping next Wednesday, but depending on time needs faster shipping can be done, or even ordering on Thursday.


Creating your image

This site functions at 300 dpi, which is not the size of our images. Each image needs to be blown up and resized to be 300dpi with 19 x 19 in. sides.

This actually isn’t hard, the images just need to be 5700×5700 pixels. You should be able to resize them in any image processing software. 🙂

Below is an example of what not to do:

bad upload

If you need things reformatted and can’t figure it out, contact me. I can absolutely do it for you.


Upload your images

Upload your image and proceed to checkout

Instead of checking out, continue shopping and add another poster to your cart

*This will allow your images to be shipped together and save costs

Proceed to checkout

This step is simple, just ship your images to the location you will be staying over break!

My Results

30 original images produced, with 6 iterations and 7 generations?


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