Edge Detection and Image Replication 11/04/2017

This week I obtained approval for the location and turned in the required paperwork, by next week I expect a response to be able to move on and write the preliminary survey, then seek HSRB approval. Unfortunately, because of slow response times and people being out of their offices, we cannot move on to the next step and start now 😦

Edge Detection

Edge detection start

I have successfully started on edge detection, working first to import the image to the canvas for viewing, then continuing to analyze the file for how many colors it contains. Below, detect these changes in color, draw a line indicating the change, and count them.

edges working to a degree

From here, I will discuss with my adviser tomorrow how I can use this information to detect larger shapes and lines, and seek understanding there. Furthermore, I have to discuss bugs with the program for how it doesn’t work with images made outside this program.

File Grammar for Replication

Before, I was exporting images with no way to recreate them or understand what rulesets they were following. They were one-of-a-kind, unrepeatable images, even by our own program. This won’t work if our program is intended to analyze the rulesets in any way shape or form.

automata saved

Now, the images are exported with a text file of the same name, containing the pixels that were originally on, the dead/alive ruleset used to create it, the colors used in their respective order, and the iterations it went through from the beginning.

Small Changes

Small changes were also done, including adjusting a function so that line-weights could be included in.


My short term goals for this week have been met. Tomorrow I will discuss the long-term goal to accomplish by the end of the semester.

Week 1:

  • Increase program functionality
  • Start edge case program
  • Get approval for location
  • Turn in paperwork

The goals for next week are below, although I do not know if we can be expected to obtain HSRB approval by next week.

Week 2:

  • Adjust functionality as needed
  • Finish or near completion edge detection
  • Write up preliminary survey for next semester
  • Obtain HSRB approval

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