Finished – 05/04/2018

This year has been an amazing experience, filled with challenging concepts and rewarding results. Although there has been many struggles along the way, ultimately I finished accomplishing the goals I set out to. Along the way, I learned important skills for my future endeavors, including: Planning Time-management Debugging Researching It was critical each step of … Continue reading Finished – 05/04/2018


Wrapping Up Research Paper 04/30/2018

The progress on the research paper is wrapping up, as we finish making small changes, formatting, and filling in some fluff sections. This part of the research project is boring, but in the next post I will begin reflecting on what this research project has provided me this year.

Research Paper Organization – 04/03/2018

Organization: Two mathematical concepts explored Cellular Automata Modified cellular automata where you can see the previous generations Initial randomization from the buttons pressed Randomization where it will pick between certain numbers: range L-Systems Heuristic we developed originally How the analysis was done Blobs and how they were analyzed : k-means, shape identification, size identification Colors … Continue reading Research Paper Organization – 04/03/2018